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Discover 10 ways to protect your hair from sun damage

Whether you are one of those who like to style their hair or among those who keep it simple, your hair is always a matter of concern. With the change of weather, the care regime also changes with the maximum care needed during the hot and humid summer months.protect your hair

Following simple tips to protect your hair from sun damage will help you flaunt your braids with confidence.

What makes the summer months so experimenting with your hair? Similar to skin, hair also takes a beating from the scorching rays of the sun. Harmful UV rays do not spare the hair and can go beyond the hair cap to damage the scalp as well.

So when we talk about ways to protect your hair, we also need to take care of your scalp. After all, a healthy scalp can only lead to a full head of healthy hair.

Caring for hair during the summer season is not that difficult. In fact, there are natural ways to protect your hair from sun damage that involve nothing more than basic hair care regimens.

protect your hair


The importance of keeping the body hydrated is always emphasized for more than one reason. Not only is it good for the body, but also for the hair. It also keeps the scalp hydrated, thus preventing dryness. Make sure you get your daily dose of fluids in the forms of water, juices, fruits, green tea, etc.protect your hair

Avoid afternoon exposure:

If you want to protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays, the best thing to do would be to avoid sun exposure. As much as possible, don’t go out in the afternoon sun when the sun’s rays are at their most severe.

Wear a hat or scarf:

Wear a hat or scarf

If you have to go out in the summer sun do so with a hat, scarf or umbrella. Having your head covered is one of the basic tips to protect your hair from sun exposure. The hair does not receive the direct rays of the sun and therefore takes minimal damage.

Keep it clean:

Keep clean

There is no substitute for cleaning. Hair and scalp that are clean will keep it healthier and shinier. If you have to shampoo every day, invest in a mild shampoo that won’t dry out your hair and scalp. But make sure you keep hair dust and dirt free. Dirty hair is also difficult to style, which leads to more breakage.

Shampoo carefully:

Shampoo carefully

Washing doesn’t just mean cleaning the braids. On the contrary, when washing, pay extra attention to the scalp. The scalp attracts a lot of dust, dirt, moisture and sweat. This leads to dull hair and a sticky scalp. When shampooing, give the scalp a good cleansing treatment.

Conditions your hair:‎

Conditions your hair:‎

Don’t forget your conditioner. Helps protect your hair from damage. There are conditioners available for different hair types. You can also get a leave-in conditioner that allows for greater sun protection.

Refrain from heat treatments:

Refrain from heat treatments

The style can be tempting, but try to avoid these heat treatments as much as possible. With the sun already burning your hair you wouldn’t want an extra heat treatment to cause damage.

Trim regularly:


The ends of your hair suffer the most and this can lead to spiky ends and split ends. To keep your hair healthy and beautiful go for a cut every month. Not only will the ends look good, but regular trimming will give better growth.

Do a mask treatment:

Do a mask treatment:

Natural ways to protect your hair from sun damage come in the form of hair masks that you can whip up at home. Some of the basics involve egg, milk, yogurt, oil, bananas, and mayonnaise. You can mix whatever you like and give your hair a health boost.

Choose a comfortable style:


Having hair flying all over your face, neck, and shoulders can be uncomfortable, lead to increased sweating, and give you a rather sticky feeling. Avoid letting your hair down in the summer and go for styles that make you comfortable.

oil well:

oil well

The goodness of oil can never be denied. No matter what the season, this is one of the most important hair care tips and among the natural ways to protect your hair from damage. If you don’t like the oily feeling, then apply at night and wash off the next day.

Tips for protecting your hair from sun exposure and damage are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Follow simple steps and methods to be a proud owner of jaw-dropping braids.

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