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Discover 10 secrets to work better

If you no longer know what to do to improve your performance at work, increase productivity and maintain a balance between work and personal life, this is the right time to get to know some secrets to work better.

As we know, there are several types of work that exist in the job market. While some work in person, other companies promote hybrid work and even 100% remote work.

And the truth is that, regardless of the type of work regime, some professionals feel a lot of pressure due to applications where they have to record productivity, working hours or tasks performed and those still to be done.

However, it is important not to forget that the number of hours in a day is always the same. What changes is the quantity and quality of your energy.

Thus, in order to perform well, it is necessary to know how to manage, in addition to time, the energy needed to successfully carry out the tasks assigned to you.

Discover 10 Secrets to Working Better

Regardless of how you motivate yourself to work better, every now and then we all need to look for tips to increase productivity or learn to deal with stress in the workplace.

In general, all we aspire to is to find the best way to work better in all aspects. Pay attention to the 10 secrets and put them into practice today.


Starting work earlier is an excellent technique to make the most of the day. If you can be one of the first to arrive at your place of work, you can start your day with fewer distractions, allowing you to focus on what you need to do.

In the case of working remotely and being able to choose your own working hours, always choose to wake up early and dedicate yourself to your tasks. It may not be easy, but believe me it increases your productivity.

One of the secrets to working better is setting goals daily. You can choose to save time in your morning to reflect on what you are going to prioritize in your day or in the evening before going to bed.

Write it down in a notebook or on your phone your goals while having a relaxed breakfast before starting your workday is a good strategy.

Prioritize the tasks that really matter, dedicate time to your daily goals and you will see that at the end of the day you feel much more productive, motivated and accomplished.


Do the hardest tasks first

After viewing your daily to-do list, the question is where to start. Know that the greatest leaders say that one of the most important aspects of working better is start the day with the least pleasant tasks first.

After all, it is precisely at the beginning of the day that we have more energy and fewer distractions. Therefore, it becomes easier to concentrate on more complicated tasks like handling reports, answering important emails or others.

Disconnect from all distractions and make sure you complete the task. Then continue your work in the normal way.


Set tasks and set time limits

It’s been proven that we work better when we set time limits. Establish yours and organize your work.

One of the strategies to increase productivity is to define short tasks to be carried out during a certain period of time to which they must dedicate themselves exclusively. In this way, you will be able to optimize your work, moving forward in an effective and efficient manner.

Regardless of the work regime, taking breaks is crucial to working better and effectively. Did you know that just a 1 minute minibreak can:

Therefore, whether at home, at the office or at the cafe, it is important that you take breaks every 75 to 90 minutes – and these should be around 15 minutes.

In this way, your brain will consolidate and retain everything it has done so far, making you feel really active and productive.


Use your lunch break

One of the most common mistakes made by professionals working in home office is precisely the fact that they do not make good use of their lunch hours.

In the end, what often happens is that they run out to lunch at the same table where they work and without a set schedule. Now, in addition to not resting the necessary time after a morning of work, the person ends up feeling without energy, tired and unmotivated for the rest of the day.

So whether in the office or at home, must always have at least 1 hour of lunch: take the time to relax, come up with new ideas or stimulate your creativity through games or conversations with colleagues.


Learn to say “no”

Assess what is really important and be realistic. This is, calculate and plan well the time and resources you need to carry out a certain job.

There are times when you have to say “no”. So don’t let your schedule fill up with tasks that take up a lot of time, but generate little benefit for you or your company.


Dress up to work from home

If you are working on home office, know that staying in your pajamas all day is not at all ideal. It is also not necessary to produce too much for your working day, but dress like you’re leaving home.

When we take off our pajamas and get dressed for work, the mind and body wake up and we gain the ability to connect with the world of work more easily.

So you know, wake up, take a shower and get dressed for work even if your work is from home.


Identify your most productive hours

There are certain times during the day when our ability to concentrate is greatest. In those moments we feel more motivated and able to encourage/stimulate others.

Identify those times and schedule the most important tasks for those times. You will see your performance improve and your productivity increase.


Organize your workspace and your computer

It’s impossible to be efficient if the space around you and where you have to work is so disorganized that you have to waste time looking for an important document. It is essential that you keep your desk and computer organized.

The space that surrounds you should be pleasant, minimalist even, so that you feel calm and motivated. This will certainly contribute to improving your performance.

in the background, working better means being more productive, creative and able to fulfill your responsibilities in a balanced and healthy way. Follow these secrets and you will see that the changes will transform your work routine.

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