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Discover 10 professions that no longer exist

The truth is that technology has been causing profound revolutions in the job market in recent decades. And if there were activities that in the past were performed in a long time by several people, nowadays some can be done through a simple click.

At professions that have ceased to exist are mostly related to the emergence of computers and advanced technologies.

In other words, regardless of whether they are in factories or in the countryside, technological advances have meant that thousands of workers have been replaced over time.

In addition, there are also other factors that contributed to the demise of some professions.

In some cases, some of them simply stopped making sense, as is the case with human alarm clocks, for example. Stay with these 10 examples of professions that no longer exist. Do you know any?

These are some of the professions that have ceased to exist

newspaper reader

It was the Industrial Revolution when this profession became popular. In fact, the need for these professionals appeared with the creation of jobs at this time, when authentic cities of workers were being born around the large factories.

So that no one would be late, there was one or more people in charge of knocking on the windows, with sticks and stones in the early hours of the morning. It was something quite common in Ireland and the United Kingdom, especially.


encyclopedia seller

Have you ever imagined yourself without search engines in your day-to-day? Several years ago when there was no internet or Google, people had to buy encyclopedias in order to be properly informed about the most diverse topics.

That’s why there were people whose profession it was to sell encyclopedias door to door. Currently, and with technological advances, it’s something we don’t even remember that it could have existed.

Before the computer existed and everything became digital, there were professionals dedicated to typing, who typed handwritten texts. With the emergence of new technologies, they still tried to adapt, but currently this is one of the professions that no longer exist.

These functions are left with other professions that are not limited to doing this work, such as secretaries for example.

This very specific profession was one of those that disappeared from the market. If in the past the exhibition of a film depended on the skills of this professional, currently it does not.

This is because many years ago there was a machine that was responsible for the exhibition of films, which was handled by cinema projectionists. However, with technological advances this profession has fallen into disuse.

After all, putting a movie on is as simple as accessing Netflix content, isn’t it?

Do you remember the time when we didn’t imagine having a smartphone and when simple cell phones were still a mirage?

In those days of the beginning of telephones, calls did not reach the destination directly. It took an operator, a role normally assigned to young women, who would complete the call by manually plugging in the cables at the switchboards.

Even the profession of today’s “operators” who distribute calls within a company is on the brink of extinction, as large companies adopt electronic recordings to route calls.


video club salesman

This profession hasn’t disappeared like that for so many years. Until about 10 years ago there were still video clubs where people could rent one or more movies to watch at home.

But with the advancement of technology and the ease of watching movies through the computer and later on streamingthe truth is that video clubs had to close when they found themselves without customers.

This figure, also linked to the industrial world, aimed to read, of course. He was part of factories, large or small, and his role was to read newspapers, magazines or even entire books throughout the working day.

The aim was to make workers’ day less routine and to keep them informed.


bowling pin organizer

You know when you go bowling and notice that machine that puts the pins all right when you send them to the ground? For know that before this machine existed, there were people who controlled the pins and inserted them in the proper positions.

Once again, due to advanced technology, a profession was easily replaced by a machine or robot.

Another profession that ceased to exist was that of rat hunter. This is a very specific thing that existed mostly in Europe – where there are thousands of mice and rats as we well know.

Because they cause serious diseases and pests, there were people whose profession was to kill these animals so that it was possible to protect society in some way. Later, the companies specified in this subject appeared and ended the profession.

When we were still unaware of the techniques for preserving and pasteurizing milk and it was not yet sold in packages, there was the figure of the milkman in many places.

He was the one who sold the day’s milk in glass bottles, door to door. However, be aware that in some rural settings, this tradition still persists.

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