Welcome to this repair tutorial. Here, it is a question of completely dismantling the Nintendo Wii U console in order to guide you as simply as possible in the repair of your console, this repair according to the part to be changed, repair it, for the most common parts, types player, battery, etc. repair and all levels.DISASSEMBLY WII U

You will need these tools for the repair. All the parts and tools for this tutorial are available on our store

First stage

First unplug the power.

unplug all cables and take out any accessories that are not at the console.  DISASSEMBLY WII U

Remove the game disc from the console, make sure all ports are blank (SD card slot, HDMI USB connections, AV, Sync button, and most commonly the sensor bar.

cable connection behind the wii u
cd insert wii u


We will now remove the CMOS (BIOS) battery. This is present in the same way in PlayStations and computers. It should be replaced every 10 years. Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the single screw that holds the cover. You can then pull the holder that contains the battery

memory stack cmos bios wii u

Now you need to remove the screw caps. They are glued to the console, the most suitable is incubator. You have to pass the blade underneath the speaker in one go in order to remove the cover without breaking it. You can then replace them at the end by heating them slightly. Then remove them with pliers. A special Nintendo screwdriver (three axes) to unscrew all its screws, a Phillips screwdriver will not work.

wii u screw cover sticker

We will now simply remove the shell of the Wii U. It unclips from side to side. Be careful not to break one of the clips for the final reassembly

wii u cover plastic cover
capot wii u

Remove the two screws on each side of the front cover to remove it. Be careful, you have to remove it very slowly because there is still a connected tablecloth behind it. Remove this tablecloth in order to completely lift the front panel DISASSEMBLY WII U

wii u front panel retaining screw
front cover for nintendo wii u

The reader, the lens

Now let’s move on to readers. Remove the four screws on the sides of the reader, and you can simply lift the reader attention right side there is a cable for connecting the motherboard, it must of course be removed.

Here is the part to be replaced most of the time, it is indeed the big defect of the Nintendo Wii U. After the two-year warranty, very often the reader no longer works so you would have a lot of trouble reading your most popular games. powerful, or sometimes the console may freeze during playback. It is therefore necessary to replace this reader with a new one.

wii u disassembly drive

Now remove the black plastic support cover behind the console. To do this, you must remove the gray red and black scrolled cable tray (the wi-fi fan power supplies etc.

plastic support motherboard wii u

Unscrew all the visible screws, we are going to remove the fan, as well as the protective metal support of the Wii U motherboard.

wii u fan overheating
wii u motherboard metal bracket

You can now remove the last components by hand below, these are the power supplies for the fan, the wi-fi card and the Bluetooth.

wii u apple book
carte wifi wii u
module bluetooth wii u

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