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Direct Neptune in Pisces: which zodiac signs will become compassionate these days

For the last few months, Neptune had been retrograde, to be precise since June 28, but things will change starting this Saturday. The planet that governs the spiritual, mystical, fantasies and dreams will become direct in Pisces.

While Neptune was retrograde, although its effects were subtle, a compassionate energy went inward, that is, we become more indulgent with ourselves to the point of clouding our thinking and judgment.

Nevertheless, when compassion and selflessness is direct it turns outwardwhich means we project kindness and empathy to others, but also the clouds dissipate from our eyes and we see things as they really are, according to astrologers from the Astrology.tv site.

Each zodiac sign experiences the influence of direct Neptune differently.depending on the position in your astral chart where you are located, in this sense, there are signs that will resent your compassionate energy more strongly.

If your zodiac sign is Taurus, you will feel compelled to give charity and share your time with your loved ones. For you, support is practical, that is, you give it selflessly through money, so the horoscope suggests that you think in detail to whom you will give your help because not all people are grateful to you.

Neptune turns direct in Pisces, your companion of the water element, this indicates that the compassionate influence will be projected on you with greater force. If you don’t agree with what other people think, you will be able to empathize with their point of view and find ways to tune your thoughts towards a common goal.

From now on you will be much more creative; your power of inspiration and imagination will be at its highest point so it may be a good time to be compassionate with your loved ones and heal some emotional wounds that have been bothering you over the past months.

Neptune is your ruling planet and it turns direct in your sign which means it will boost your compassion, empathy and sensitivity. It is the perfect time to be yourself, the energy of your ruling star supports you. However, you could feel overwhelmed by the problems of others, so your mission is to find balance.

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