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Dinosaur-themed children’s room

The children’s room needs to be an environment full of magic and enchantment. The playful and fun aesthetics should also favor a multifunctional proposal, after all, the child will use the space to play, sleep, receive friends and store toys. A great option for decoration is a Dinosaur themed children’s room🇧🇷

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What this article covers:

Parents who are interested in making a thematic decoration for the son’s room they can bet on the ‘Dinosaur’ theme. The look of the environment promises to enhance the boy’s adventurous spirit, especially if he is between 5 and 11 years old.

O Dinosaur themed children’s room it is timeless and brings to light the mystery of the creatures that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. Beings like tyrannosaurus, pterodactyl and brontosaurus promise to transform the decor and make the child’s environment much more fun.

Dinosaurs have already become popular in children’s birthday decorations, but now they are serving as inspiration for composing the look of the room. The boys who are passionate about these jurassic beasts they will definitely love the idea of ​​winning a dorm all illustrated with dinosaur figures.

There are some options that you can use to decorate your child’s room with the Dinosaur theme. See a brief list below:

  • Try to leave the environment similar. Look for wallpapers with trees and a wilder environment.
  • An option that will make all the difference is painting the room green, pulling towards a shade of forest green.
  • Once the environment is set, go looking for dinosaurs according to what you want: wilder dinosaur, more ‘friendly’ dinosaur for young children.
  • Furniture is important in decoration too! If you can’t change, look for painting options for furniture like a small dresser, or the nightstand that goes next to the bed. You will love the result!
  • A simple and easy option is to look for a large poster that can be placed on the door. It’ll look nice and fill that space really well.
  • Spread dinosaurs around the room in strategic places, so that the decoration is not polluted.

Dinosaurs in children’s room decor

There are several ways to work with dinosaurs in bedroom decor of the boy. The elements chosen to compose the project depend on the creativity and good taste of the parents.

You dinosaur drawings they can be inserted into the walls, through wallpaper, painting or stickers. Some compositions are so surprising that they even assume a 3D effect. In addition to well-defined illustrations, it is also possible to work with the shadows of the most well-known dinosaurs.

The furniture also underscores the ‘dinosaur’ theme. If parents are unable to buy themed furniture, they can illustrate the pieces with stickers or emphasize colors that represent the theme, such as green, brown and beige.

Dinosaur pillow. (Photo: Disclosure)

The accessories that make up the children’s room are able to make the ‘dinosaur’ theme more evident, as is the case with the curtains, the rug, the bedding, the lamp, the mobile and the ottoman. If the boy collects dinosaur miniatureshe can organize his toys on the shelves and contribute to the decoration of his room.

The emblematic figures of some dinosaur movies and cartoons can serve as inspiration when decorating the room, such as Jurassic Park and Dinosaur Family.

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Photos of children’s rooms decorated with dinosaurs

See below for a selection of photos of rooms decorated with the theme ‘dinosaurs’🇧🇷 Get inspired by the ideas to make a creative and powerful decoration:

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