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Digitization is affected by IT systems that do not talk to each other

A recent report released by Salesforce shows that companies continue to increase their holdings of different applications and use an average of 1,061 different applications. Only 29 percent of them are integrated, while spending on integration has increased by 23 percent.

Of the total of 1,050 business leaders who participated in the survey, 88 percent testify that it is the integration challenges that are a significant obstacle to succeeding with the organization’s digitization work.

– The report points to a clear trend in all IT-heavy sectors. The challenges are not an exception for this survey and the organizations, says Johan Gabrielsson, Sweden Manager for MuleSoft.

At the same time, the reports are densely packed with staff testifying about complicated IT systems that don’t talk to each other.

– Integration of different programs is perhaps the biggest challenge for companies and organizations to succeed in their digital transformation. Companies and organizations can have hundreds of different IT systems. It can be a nightmare and worsen the working environment for staff and IT technicians, says Johan Gabrielsson.

At the same time, record investments are being made in IT in both the public and private sectors.

– The question is whether it will get better just by buying more solutions – replacing the old with the new – or whether it will just become a bigger mess when hundreds of different, old and new solutions don’t talk to each other, says Johan Gabrielsson.

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