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Digital nomads will have a special visa in Colombia • ENTER.CO

Within three months, digital nomads will have a special visa to stay in Colombia. The purpose of this measure is to benefit people who work remotely or provide their services from the country.

This initiative has already been applied by several nations in Europe, including Portugal. Resolution 5477 will allow the incorporation of new visas in Colombia that are consistent with current realities. As well as, respond to the commitments that the country has in terms of migration. As announced by the Visa coordinator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Víctor Hugo Echeverri. On the other hand, resolution 2022, expanded to 100 countries, the nationalities that can enter Colombia for short stays without the need for a visa.

Currently, Colombia has become a preferred destination for digital nomads, a growing tourism sector. Colombia has a strategic location close to the other capitals of the region. The competitive prices, in addition to the diversity of experiences, attract the attention of this segment of the population.

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The new regulations of the Foreign Ministry contemplate the visa exemption for 100 nationalities for stays of less than 90 days that could be extended up to 180 days. This exemption applies to various activities, including providing services from Colombia as digital nomads. This provided that said activities do not generate payments for wages or salaries in Colombia. To do this, it will be necessary to request permission from the Special Administrative Unit for Migration Colombia, for entry and permanence in accordance with current regulations.

On the other hand, those who wish to stay in Colombia and work as digital nomads and remote workers can apply for the Digital Nomads / Remote Workers Visitor visa, which is granted for up to two years with a minimum of requirements.

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