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Digital nodes in Bogotá, what are they and how do they work? • ENTER.CO

Currently, in Bogotá there are 200 free public connectivity points enabled; users can find at least one in each of the city’s locations. These centers are made up of WiFi access points and the 37 digital nodes (also known as interactive portals or connectivity centers).

The nodes are operated by public entities such as local mayors, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Special Administrative Unit for Public Services (UAESP), among others. Citizens will be able to find at least one digital Node in each of the locations of Bogotá. There they will find devices such as computers, printers and video projectors.

Users will also be able to access courses and training programs, communications and entertainment services, carry out procedures and digital services of public entities. The connectivity centers have administrative staff trained in ICT tools, who are responsible for guiding the user. They will be able to guide them in the operation of the devices, in addition to providing training in the basic use of ICT.

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These centers can be accessed by all citizens without any distinction. Those interested in learning about and participating in the digital nodes and other places that offer the Internet can consult the District’s Public Connectivity Directory. There you will find information such as: addresses (with geolocation service), responsible entities and if training services are available.

The hours of attention in the Digital Nodes are different for each locality. But, according to information from the District’s Public Connectivity Directory, citizens who want to access the services of the Centers do not require registration. To do this, they just have to go to the nearest digital Node and ask about the availability of devices and services and that’s it. here a video of the ICT High Council with more information on digital nodes.

Image: ICT High Council

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