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Digital marketing is a rising profession for the coming years

The Covid-19 pandemic directly impacted the job market. Companies that have not yet watched in the digital environment have identified the need to enter the virtual environment in order to survive the economic crisis. On the other hand, those who were already active on the internet needed to stand out amid increased competition.

In this context, the market created new ways of working and made room for the growth of demand for specific professionals, with emphasis on those working in the areas of technology, marketing, people management and health.

A survey carried out by the Future Studies Program (Profuturo) of the Instituto de Administração Foundation (FIA) listed the 15 most promising professions for the next decade. On the list are: software developer, Big Data analyst, information security, user experience specialist, digital marketing professional, innovation manager, e-commerce specialist, digital influencer, creator advisor, coach, activity coach physicist, environmental engineer, eco-relationship manager and bioinformation specialists.


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Demand for professionals has already begun

For some professions, the market has already shown promise. This is the case for anyone working in the digital marketing area. At a time when more and more companies and service providers are starting their operations over the internet, standing out in the eyes of the consumer amid so much information requires professional, differentiated and quality work.

According to the Maturity of Digital Marketing and Sales in Brazil survey, carried out in May this year, 94% of companies in the country invest in online communication actions. Digital marketing can be understood as a set of strategies to promote a brand in the virtual environment.

This work is responsible for taking the content to the target audience through different media — websites, social networks, video platforms, among others — and achieving the goal of making it a consumer. To take advantage of the opportunities of this market, the professional must specialize through digital marketing coursesin order to develop the necessary skills to work in the area.

Five Promising Careers in Digital Marketing

Understanding digital marketing as a set of strategies, professionals have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in one of their specific actions. Therefore, it is possible to unravel the area in different opportunities that are already on the rise in the market and will remain promising for years to come.

One of them is the social media, the professional responsible for planning and managing the content of social networks and also for monitoring engagement metrics.

The content producer is the one who researches topics relevant to the target audience and produces information for different media, adapting it according to the language of each one of them.

The metrics analyst figure monitors the results and also determines the key performance indicators (KPIs). The SEO analyst, on the other hand, has knowledge about ranking factors and, thus, helps companies to achieve a better position on Google.

Another alternative in the area of ​​digital marketing is to act as a press officer, the professional responsible for creating strategies for companies to obtain placements in the press.

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