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Digital ID will be mandatory in Colombia

Since December 2020, the digital ID is a fact in Colombia, which replaces the classic yellow ID with holograms. Since then, the digital document was issued to those Colombians who wished to have it. However, the National Registry of Civil Status reported that it will start a process of “renewal” of the identity card to the digital document.

In order to give continuity to this approach, since last September 1 the entity stopped issuing the traditional yellow card. In exchange, Colombians can access the digital document that, at this time, can be issued without the need to make an appointment online. The registrar explained that all Colombians are expected to begin the transition to the digital document from 2023.

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Those who issue the digital document will have the hybrid identification card: physical and digital. Alexander Vega, national registrar, in an interview with Blu Radio argued that the change of document was proposed because the current card has been in circulation for 22 years and since then it has not been updated until now.

Similarly, the change is contemplated because most platforms will migrate to a digital identification system. Public and private entities and banks are stipulated within these platforms. In addition, the digital ID will work as a passport for some countries around the world. It should be clarified that, although the digital ID will be the standard document, the yellow ID that we know will not lose validity until further order, it will only be replaced by the new one.

“Our country needed to update the document in accordance with international standards, ICAO, which is the one that regulates all the security elements of identification documents. The idea is that the ID is updated, maintain facial biometric data so that they can interoperate with other digital entities », he explained.

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