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Digital gender violence, a crime without regulation in Colombia • ENTER.CO

Through a ruling, the Constitutional Court asked the Congress of the Republic to issue a comprehensive regulation on digital gender violence. This crime is little known, although it occurs more frequently than is believed.

Since 2018, the United Nations has issued a manual that deals with online gender-based violence against women and girls. In this same document, the UN defined this crime as “acts of gender-based violence that are committed, instigated or aggravated, in part or in whole, by the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), such as mobile phones, internet, social media platforms and email”.

Until now, the classification of this crime in the Colombian legal field is not entirely clear. The Court’s ruling is based on the case of a woman named Luz, who had to file a guardianship for violation of her rights such as good name, honor, privacy, personality development, physical integrity, among others.

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It is expected that with this call from the Constitutional Court, a regulation will be executed that covers acts such as cyberbullying and the obtaining of personal data. Including cases such as the non-consensual dissemination of gender identity or sexual preference, the creation of false profiles and photomontages (deep fakes) and digital extortion issues. So that in this way the complaints of the victims have a protocol of action that is clear.

In fact, in the middle of an interview on Blu Radio, the expert lawyer in constitutional law, Luisa Fernanda García, referred to this crime. She explained that the penalization of these actions should be the last instance, she considered that the measures should be strengthened, these situations should be prevented. To do this, she pointed to the awareness of young people because they are the ones who are most likely to commit these acts.

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