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Different types of paints to paint your house

know the different types of paints to paint your house is something fundamental for anyone who is thinking about reform the Housebecause small changes in the colors and styles of the walls can make all the difference, giving a new look to the look of the residence.

Different types of paints to paint your house (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several on the market types of paints available to consumers, each with its own characteristics and different functions, to be used in certain parts of the property, such as external and internal areas, for example.

Faced with such an offer, it is essential to know the products and their uses before going out to make the purchase, so as not to make any mistakes when ordering. choose the right paint to paint the house🇧🇷

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Different types of paints to paint your house

Each type of ink has different functions.

Some of the main paint options currently available on the market, and which are among the most used, are the following:

– Acrylic paint: ideal for outdoor areas, it is waterproof and highly resistant to moisture, and can also be used in the bathroom, kitchen and walls.

– PVA latex paint: Indicated for internal areas, it is soluble in water and dries quickly, giving a velvety touch to the environment, due to the matte finish.

– Washable ink: indicated for places that get dirty frequently, this paint has additives that prevent the absorption of liquids and humidity, facilitating the removal of stains.

– Synthetic enamel: very resistant and highly durable, it is indicated for metal and wood surfaces and also for restoring old furniture.

– Magnetic ink: it works as a base (or primer) for final painting with acrylic paint, and can also be used to facilitate the act of nailing panels or making photo murals without drilling the wall, because of its magnetized surface.

– Epoxy paint: Easy to clean, it is widely used on surfaces such as steel, iron, sports court floors, garages, bathrooms and tiles.

– Anti-graffiti paint: it has a non-stick coating that makes the concrete or metal waterproof, making it easier to remove graffiti with soap and water.


There are also paints for different areas of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to knowing what the different types of paints to paint your houseit is also worth paying attention to other tips, such as eliminating oil stains, holes, bubbles and peeling parts of the walls, among other imperfections, before starting to paint.

Regarding the amount of paint you should buy, an interesting tip is to check, on the product packaging, how many square meters that paint yields per coat. Thus, it is possible to avoid waste.

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