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Different tables for wedding parties

Wedding is a perfect occasion to express good taste and creativity. The bride and groom looking for a different composition to surprise their guests should value the original ideas when decorating the party room🇧🇷

The wedding table should be romantic, sophisticated and organized. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Tips for setting up a wedding reception table

Check out some tips below to make it easier to wedding table decoration🇧🇷

• The choice of a theme is interesting to determine the visual identity of the party;

• Is it worth it if worry about the details and also value the objects that tell the story of the bride and groom;

• Grooms who want to escape the traditional should bet on bright colors;

• Lighting proves to be a key element to enhance the tables;

• Floral prints are in vogue at table decorationafter all, they are happy and romantic;

• There are many styles of wedding table decor, such as rustic, vintage, contemporary or basic. Defining this question is essential to determine the decorative elements and colors;

• Trays and containers made of glass, porcelain or silver are essential to leave the sophisticated wedding table🇧🇷

guest table

Sousplats are used to decorate the guest table. (Photo: Disclosure)

THE guest table it must be comfortable and charming. Among the items that can be part of the decor, it is worth mentioning the path printed on a neutral towel. The use of sousplats (plates larger than the meal) is also on the rise, especially those made with vegetable fibers.

O table center It is an item that should not be missing from the guest table. It can be made with flowers, bottles, bowls, candles, ribbons, lace, among other romantic elements. The bride and groom can also decorate each table with personalized napkins and napkin holders, in addition to special tableware.

main table

THE main table, also known as the candy table, is one of the main points of the party. It attracts the guests’ attention mainly because it serves as a setting for the protagonist of the event: the wedding cake.

Naked cake is on the rise. (Photo: Disclosure)

to leave the different wedding tableit is worth betting on new cake trends, such as the naked cake and the mini cake tower.

beyond the decorated cake, it is important to bet on sweets with the most varied fillings, colors and flavors. Among the options that are successful in the wedding market, it is worth mentioning the cupcakes, macarons and gourmet brigadeiros.

To finalize the decoration, it is worth betting on the wedding table arrangements. These pieces delicately combine flowers and value the romantic proposal.

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