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Different models of fondue sets

With the arrival of winter, people love to gather their friends or family to taste fondue🇧🇷 The delicacy of Swiss origin gained the preference of Brazilians and became easier to prepare after modern appliances were launched.

Special fondue device for chocolate. (Photo: Disclosure)

O traditional fondue it is prepared with cheese, heated with the aid of a lamp. People can serve themselves with different accompaniments, such as breads and vegetables. Around the world there is a wide variety of fondue, such as the version prepared with chocolate.

What this article covers:

The choice of fondue apparatus

On the market you can find several fondue maker options🇧🇷 When choosing the best product, the consumer needs to take into account the material used in the manufacture of the pan, the number of people who will be served and the technology.

The pot used for the fondue depends on the type of material used. The version made with cheese can be prepared in a glass, ceramic, aluminum (with non-stick) or iron container. In the sweet recipe it is recommended to work with an enameled, ceramic or glass pan. Meat fondue goes well with copper, stainless steel or aluminum pans.

Fondue set mimics the shape of Swiss cheese. (Photo: Disclosure)

The material is an essential item for the choice of fondue machine, after all, it guarantees comfort, safety and delicious flavor. However, the consumer must also take into account the design of the product before purchasing it.

You fondue set prices vary by model. Usually the number of pieces and additional accessories are elements that make the product more expensive.

Fondue appliances: different models

You fondue sets can surprise consumers with regard to design. There are pieces that even look like other objects and add a touch of charm to the House decoration🇧🇷

Fondue devices imitate mugs. (Photo: Disclosure)

O Bon Gourmet Ceramic Fondue Apparatus it is perfect for enjoying the winter moments next to your loved one, after all, it has a heart shape. At Americanas.com, the price of the product is R$ 42.90. Those looking for a colorful and stylish fondue set can bet on the yellow enameled set on sale at Casa Ambiente for R$83.00.

At the Maria Presenteira store, there is a chocolate fondue pot for the price of 54.90. On the Loopday website, Internet users find a fondue game whose pot is shaped like Swiss cheese. Due to the originality, the product is a little more expensive, being sold for R$ 139.90.

Photos of different models of fondue sets

Check out a selection of pictures of different fondue devices🇧🇷

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