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Different headboard ideas

Currently, Box type beds are very common, which do not come with the headboard attached. Some versions have it; others do not. Many choose to leave the wall without any details that resemble a headboard, such as some comics or something similar. Others, however, take advantage of the characteristic of the bed to create something special, usually bringing details of the personality of the person or the couple. The more creativity, the more special the room decor🇧🇷 see some different ideas for headboard🇧🇷

Romantic headboard, with retro style (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Creative headboards for the bed

If what counts is using your imagination and creating a different environment that has the residents’ face, then it’s worth inventing new things, using objects that would normally be in other places.

In the image above, for example, you see a kind of iron screen, which was positioned behind the bed. With retro style, the different headboard it was painted in blue, matching the rest of the decor. Know that if you look for professionals who work with iron and foundry, assembling railings and windows, it is possible to create an object like this or something similar. You can make a drawing of what you want and ask the professional to build the piece.

Different headboard styles

In the image above you can see 6 different headboard models🇧🇷 In the first one, a large rectangular painting canvas was chosen, on which significant words were written in black ink, leaving the white of the canvas to remain, in contrast with the color of the wall.

In the second image, a headboard with wall painting🇧🇷 The same could be done with stickers. This type of detail has been widely used in decoration. In the third model, residents were more creative and playful. They opted for a large blackboard. So different inspiring designs can be changed every day.

Circles, covered with fabrics, form the headboard of the fourth image. These can be cut MDF plates or plates. This last option is viable, as the pieces are lighter and easier to position on the wall.

In the fifth image, a headboard with books open. This option is perfect for lovers of reading. In the last image, we see a decoration with a more modern style, with the headboard made with rectangles of different sizes, which reach the ceiling.

rustic headboard for bed

Headboard in rustic style, made with wooden slats (Photo: Disclosure)

our last headboard tip for beds is interesting for those who appreciate the rustic style in decoration🇧🇷 Very simple and with a special visual effect, this detail can be made with different types of wooden slats. There are people who use wainscoting for the same job. The important thing is that the woods are well varnished, so that they look elegant. Another option would be to paint them, with regular wood paint, in colors that match the room.

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