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Different colors for girl’s room

The bedroom is an intimate, reserved and private environment. It needs to favor comfort, preserve a welcoming atmosphere and value the resident’s lifestyle. This concept, in turn, also applies when decorate a girl’s room🇧🇷

Girl’s room decorated with lilac. (Photo: Disclosure)

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girl’s room decor

O girl’s room planning It starts before she’s even born. Parents try to create a pleasant space to receive the new member of the family. In childhood, the room undergoes some changes and accompanies the girl’s development. The big transformation happens right at puberty, when dolls and toys are put aside.

In all contexts, the Female room values ​​for romanticism, delicacy and softness. Colors are used in the environment with the intention of printing femininity. Pink is the most used tone for customize the decor girl’s room, but it can be replaced by other more interesting colors.

O pink it’s delicate and feminine, but it fails to be too predictable. When decorating, it’s important to avoid exaggerating the use of tone, otherwise the room will become cloying and outdated.

Pink and green in bedroom decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Girl’s room: tips for different colors

Colors can be explored through walls, furniture and decorative objects. It is not necessary to work with a single tone in the decoration, the ideal is to make harmonic and tasteful combinations.

Check out the tips below different colors for girls room🇧🇷

– Lilac: the color has the same effect as light pink, as it enhances the femininity of the decor.

– Purple: the more closed tone mainly matches the bedroom of the girl who is approaching adolescence.

– Pastel tones: these colors are romantic and value creating a vintage atmosphere.

Beige is a color that can be used in decorating a girl’s room. (Photo: Disclosure)

– Beige: the color is neutral and discreet, but can be worked on to enhance femininity.

– Light blue: It is a delicate tone that can be worked on female room decorbreaking all prejudices.

– Green: traditionally, green appears in the boys’ room, but it can be used in feminine decor. The light shade of the color goes well with pink.

– Orange: perfect choice to create a happy, fun and playful environment. It can be explored in a more closed or open tonality.

– Red: this warm color allows beautiful combinations, especially when associated with white.

– Yellow: it is a warm and energetic color that goes perfectly with light pink and lilac.

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