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Different colors for a boy’s room

O child’s room it is a private world. In this space she plays, receives her friends, does her homework and spends her nights sleeping. When planning the decoration, it is important to consider the style of the small resident, in addition to their routine and preferences.

Navy blue is a color that matches the boy’s room. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

boy’s room decor

THE boy’s room decor involves several decisions, such as the choice of appropriate furniture and the distribution of objects in space. Another factor that determines the direction of the aesthetics of the room is the color.

To this day, pink is associated with females and blue with males. Children’s rooms still explore this philosophy, but the concept is becoming outdated.

Blue, both light and dark, gives a masculine air to the room🇧🇷 Anyone who enters the room and sees the walls painted this color immediately imagines that the resident is a boy. However, parents need to be careful when include blue in the decor of the children’s room, after all, exaggeration can make the aesthetics nauseating.

Room decorated with green and blue. (Photo: Disclosure)

At the time to decorate the boy’s roomis it possible to do different color combinations🇧🇷 Partnerships can value ideas of adventure and action. The use of tones also makes it possible to highlight themes, as is the case of ‘Sailor’, represented by the colors red, navy blue and white.

When the environment invokes more than three strong colors, it can acquire a playful and colorful effect, in tune with the theme ‘Circus’. On the other hand, if the decoration emphasizes shades of green, then it brings out a wild atmosphere, which matches the ‘forest’ or ‘dinosaurs’ theme.

Boy’s room: different colors

Check out the following color tips for a boy’s room:

– Navy blue: this different tone overcomes the monotony of the light blue. It allows for powerful masculine combinations and conquers the preference of boys of all ages.

– Yellow: the color concentrates great energy and can be worked into a vivid version of the bedroom aesthetic. The tone is warm, welcoming and upbeat.

– Green: the combination of light and dark green leaves the room feeling like a jungle or headquarters. It is also worth working with a touch of brown in the decor.

The bedroom combines green and orange tastefully. (Photo: Disclosure)

– Orange: the partnership of light green with orange results in a cheerful and lively decoration.

– White: neutral, basic color that matches all other tones.

– Grey: the color is not recommended for a baby’s room, but it can be used to decorate the environment of an 8- to 12-year-old boy. It emphasizes the idea of ​​masculinity and allows you to create modern combinations.

– Red: can be used to enhance a themed room for a boy, inspired by the movie Cars.

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