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Diet of 10 Plums, lose weight with fruits in a short time

With the 10 Plum Diet We will be able to lose those extra pounds in a few days and with good taste. The menu includes pasta and also 2 days off.

THE 10 Plum Diet is a specific method recommended to lose weight. It is based, as the name suggests, essentially on the consumption of this fruit in particular. Plums contain numerous beneficial properties that our body needs. But before proceeding, consult a nutritionist or nutritionist. Once you have the green light, you can proceed with this curious type of diet that absolutely it’s not drastic . And thanks to which you will also be able to purify the intestines and deflate the belly. The 10 Prune Plum Diet recommended menu includes a diet to follow for one or even two weeks. There will be a fixed schedule for 5 days, the weekend is free.

10 Plum Diet, what to eat

for the coffee morning , start with a good glass of water, then eat 5 prunes and two toasts or wholemeal bread. Serve with a teaspoon of honey or compote (light plum) and unsweetened tea or coffee. As lunch , twice a day (mid-morning and afternoon) low-fat yogurt or seasonal fruit. For the lunch a mixed tomato, carrot, cucumber and celery salad, then an egg, half a slice of bread and a fruit salad with 5 plums.

Or 80 g of pasta with 110 g of tomato sauce, grilled meat or fish (150 g) with a salad dressed with lemon or a little extra virgin olive oil and a seasonal fruit. The second can also be adapted to the dinner , with a plum after the meal. And before bed, an herbal tea or unsweetened green tea. As always, forbidden to people with pathologies and pregnant women. Drinking 2 liters of water a day and doing even light physical activities will be of great help.

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