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Diet in case of celiac disease and diabetes: what to do?

There are many urban legends about food that make us believe that certain foods are prohibited. Actually, no food should be completely eliminated, unless allergies or intolerances make it dangerous for health. Regarding the diet in case of simultaneous celiac disease and diabetes, It is very important that you evaluate your diet with a specialist doctor. Only he knows his complete clinical picture. Therefore, he can advise you on a suitable diet, which will undoubtedly include carbohydrates compatible with celiac disease.

In addition to a healthy diet in case of celiac disease and diabetes, slightly hypocaloric if you need to lose weight, it is also essential that you lead an active lifestyle. The ideal is to do sports between two and three hours a week, as well as take advantage of any time to be active. For example, walking, using the bicycle for short journeys, walking up the stairs, etc.

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