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Diego Luna refuses to play Cuauhtémoc Blanco in his bioseries and reveals the reasons | VIDEO

Cuauhtemoc Blanco He has become a legend of Mexican and international soccer, and everything indicates that for this reason the plans are already on the table for him to have his bioseries.

Despite its importance, it was rejected by diego lunaa Mexican Hollywood star, to play him, despite the fact that the Águilas del América star mentioned that he would like the actor from “Andor” to be the one to play him in the series of his life.

Luna was interviewed by the Mexican press at the Mexico City Airport, where he responded to the invitation of the current Governor of the state of Morelos, in Mexico.

“But if I have two left feet, I couldn’t, I would just love for them to do something about Cuauhtémoc, I had to watch him play, I don’t know, I tell you that for that you have to play football well, right? It’s not easy”


Diego assured by completely ruling out the idea that he could give life to this character. It should be remembered that the one born in Toluca, State of Mexico He was nominated for the Golden Globes in the category of “Best Actor in a Drama Series” thanks to his leading role in “Andor”a character that is part of the Star Wars universe, one of the most iconic sagas in the film industry.

On the other hand, Luna issued various comments regarding his current work in the world of the seventh art, He specifically expressed himself regarding the series that brought him back together in acting with Gael García and that was filmed in Mexico with Eiza González as the protagonist..

He assured that the work was very good, in this regard he revealed that they are already preparing it for its release, since the project is in post-production and “In a while they will be able to see something, the truth was a great experience”.

Finally, the Mexican spoke about how he has recovered from the death of his father, the scenic creator, Alejandro Luna, which occurred last Tuesday, December 13, Diego preferred to reserve his opinion, although he appreciated all the expressions of affection towards his father.

“Now about those things, now more intimate, I no longer like to talk about the truth, the processes belong to each person. And well, looking forward to that, to be close to my family and the people I love and really grateful for all the expressions of affection that I have received in these weeks, the truth ”

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