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Diego Lainez turned his back on América for money: Nahuel Guzmán assured it and the former Betis player did not deny it

One of the doubts that constantly assails Americanist fans since the arrival of Diego Laínez to tigers is why the player, who is a cream-blue youth squad, preferred, on his return from Spain, to sign for the felines and not for America. Given this, every time he is questioned on the subject, the player has been respectful and has only declared that he was convinced by the feline project.

However, The one who had no problem saying what he believes to be the real reason was his partner Nahuel Guzmánsince he declared in a live broadcast with another feline footballer, Igor Lichnovsky (where Lainez was also present), that he went for “the money”.

Because they didn’t put the money in!“, explained the Tigres goalkeeper, responding to the frequent question, while the Chilean defender justified “Football is a business too.”

For his part, Diego Lainez did not deny this, he just laughed nervously and limited himself to saying: “I don’t want to mention many things out of respect for the other partiesbut Tigres was always close to me and Betis, Tigres had been behind that for a long time, everything was done the way it had to be done. I loved the project, I talked to the people involved and that’s why I came back (to Liga MX)”.

“It was an opportunity for me to return to my country, feel my people, have an exciting project like Tigres,” he concluded.

It is worth remembering that when the rumor spread about a possible return to Mexico of the Betis midfielder, the press immediately questioned Santiago Banos, sports director of America if they would be the ones to bring him and he categorically denied it, venting that his economic claims were very high for the little activity he had with his team.

Diego asks for 2 million dollars in salary to sign, and giving that to someone who has not played more than 15 percent of the minutes in the last year is not correct“, mentioned the azulcrema manager at the time.

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