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Diego Cocca shook the UANL Tigres and in less than three months he left them

Cocca signed in November 2022.

Photo: Andrea Jimenez / Imago7

The atmosphere is not very nice after the appointment of Diego Cocca as the new coach of Mexico. In the first instance there are those They question the Argentinian’s style of play and they consider that he is not the ideal person for the position. But in Tigres de la UANL they have enough reasons to criticize the choice of Cocca.

The directive of the feline group announced Diego Cocca in the month of November. The South American strategist signed a contract until December 2024. But the link between the two was broken with only five games led in the local tournament.

Changes in vain in Tigres de la UANL

Following the hiring of Diego Cocca, The club’s board of directors made many changes to adjust a template tailored to its new coach. Tigres de la UANL spent more than $24 million dollars in hires that would embody the ideas of the strategist (Nicolás Ibáñez, Fernando Gorriarán and Diego Lainez).

On the other hand, Cocca motivated the departure of Florian Thauvin to free up a place as a foreigner so that Ibañez could play. The departure of the Frenchman was a great casualty for the club, andra its highest paid player and highest international poster.

On the other hand, the Argentine coach downplayed the importance of players who at the time had a better role in the club; such is the case of Diego Reyes, Nicolás López and Sebastián Córdova.

These factors make the reproaches to Cocca’s decision more than questionable. Tigres de la UANL was tailored to suit the Argentine and he decided to leave them with only five games in his pocket.

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