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Diego Boneta presented a tequila with which he is now debuting as a businessman

The success achieved by the actor Diego Andrés González Boneta after characterizing the singer Luis Miguel in his bioseries, allowed him —in addition to achieving notoriety— to amass a small fortune which currently also projects him as an entrepreneur.

Along with his movements on stage, the 32-year-old singer He recently took his first steps as an entrepreneur in the business world.

Knowing that Mexico is known abroad for having the designation of origin of tequila, Boneta decided to invest part of the millions of dollars generated by characterizing the so-called “Sun of Mexico”, creating their own brand of agave distillate with the purpose of selling it in the international market and thus manage to grow even more its heritage achieved in the last three years.

Before his leading role in Luis Miguel: the series, Diego Boneta practically went unnoticed on Mexican television after having participated in a dozen inconsequential productions, but since 2018 his life has gone up like foam.

Now, through the production of a white tequila made under a process that is claimed to be artisanal, and After reaching a distribution agreement with Casa Lumbre, a global company that develops, produces and incubates liquors and distillates internationally recognized for their quality, Boneta aims to enter the big leagues of excellent beverages.

“After two years of searching for the perfect formula to create a unique distillate, I feel very proud to share an honest and high-quality brand that preserves the identity of tequila, but that speaks looking forward to represent the diversity and vanguard of tequila. Mexico that we are all building today,” said the actor during the launch of his drink.

Under this scenario, the aura of success continues to cover Boneta, who for next year also managed to close an agreement with the Amazon Prime platform, thanks to which he will produce series, movies and television programs through Three Amigos, his own company.

In addition, it will continue to act in several of the contents in both Spanish and English, as this is part of the project.

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