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Diego Boneta breaks the silence on the controversial bioseries of Paco Stanley | VIDEO

Everything is ready for the controversial bioseries of the Mexican presenter, paco stanley. Despite this, the tricolor actor, Diego Boneta, who was chosen to star in this Amazon Prime project, has not been spared from controversy. For this reason, he broke the silence to the bickering of Stanley’s son, the host of “Today”, paul stanley.

After this scandal, Boneta finally came forward and spoke about the project for the first time and the first thing he did was distance himself from the legal problems.

Well, it is presumed that said production would be nowhere near facing justice, since he pointed out that his only role in this project is that of an actor, he also praised the cast and assured that the result will be of high quality.

“The truth is that I do not know, in this project I am not producing, I am only acting, so I only have to do my work as an actor, I am very happy to work with a great cast, to work with Amazon, I am super happy, it is the same team that made “Luis Miguel: The Series”


BelindaLuis Gerardo Méndez, Bárbara López, Zuria Vega, it’s a great cast and it’s very special that it’s the same team I worked with for five years, I know the quality will be there,” he said.

Before fleeing from the media, Diego Boneta was directly questioned if he had had any contact with Paul Stanley or someone from the family of the late Paco StanleyHowever, he reiterated that he is only an actor in said production, so he will limit himself to his duties.

What is the controversy of the Paco Stanley bioseries?

The son of the iconic driver, Paul Stanley, came out to say that they had approached the producer, but they could not reach an agreement because they only wanted to focus on the murder of their father.

They consider it in bad taste because it affects the image of their father, for which reason said production did not have the approval of the family, who could also have participated as advisers in the creation of the story and the characters.

In different interviews, Paul Stanley assured that he was already talking with his legal team to see how they can proceed to prevent misuse of his father’s image.

Well, the family owns these rights and assured that in case they cannot stop their production, they want to make sure that “something cool” is done.

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