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DiDi, Cabify and Beat will pay the fine, but demand regulation • ENTER.CO

After the Transportation Superintendence recently fined DiDi, Cabify and Beat with more than 1700 million pesos. The companies responded by announcing that they will pay the fine, but demanded that the new Congress of the Republic approve a legal framework.

To this request was added the In Alliance, the Applications and Innovation guild, which allows promoting the development of the collaborative economy. In addition, the lack of laws generate mistrust in drivers and users of these applications. The companies hope that the regulatory framework allows confidence and security for their operation in Colombia. DiDi said that the application will continue to operate in Colombia and offer mobility solutions for users through technology.

The company explained that the precedent generated by the sanction is worrying. Because it violates the right of users to freely access applications, part of the principle of net neutrality. In addition, they believe that more barriers are placed on partners to generate income. It is not the first time that a sanction of this type has happened, in fact, this lack of legal certainty was one of the reasons why the Uber company left Colombia last year and returned a couple of months later with a new model of business.

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For its part, Cabify stated that they will make use of the right to defense and also promised to support the development of a regulatory framework that is beneficial to all. While Beta said that it will take the time stipulated by law to respond to the fine. This company assured that during the outgoing government progress was made in a regulatory framework beyond what was imagined, so they hope that with the new government the regulation of mobility platforms in Colombia can be specified.

Image: Jackson David on Unsplash

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