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Diddy shows off his new love Yung Miami on Instagram

Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs recently posted a post from New Year’s Eve where he showed off his new love Yung Miami.

Photo: Instagram @diddy

In a new post with pictures from New Year’s Eve, rapper Diddy showed off his new crush. The couple has an open relationship, and this is the first time Yung Miami is seen among his photos. “Happy New Year. Love,” he writes under the post.

The couple celebrated New Years on a yacht off Saint-Barthélemy with friends and family. Diddy recently welcomed his seventh child, but it’s still unclear who the mother is. Although he and Yung Miami already confirmed the relationship last year, there is no indication that she is the parent of the baby.

Photo: Instagram @diddy
Photo: Instagram @diddy

However, it is the first time they are seen on each other’s social media. “I don’t care if I’m on the run, as long as I’m on the run with you,” she writes in a post with pictures from the same party.

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