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Did you send an email to someone else? Now Gmail will allow you to avoid it • ENTER.CO

You are inspired writing an email in Gmail that you must send urgently. You already have the attachments and you have configured the name of the sender. You click send and right at this moment you realize that you sent it to the wrong recipient because he has a very similar name.

This hypothetical case, but very true that we tell you, is the reason why Gmail has just released an update that will allow you to confirm the recipient of your emails. This function goes through an update of the search results when you go to send an email. Google explained that it is rolling out the “intent matching for names and email addresses” feature, and the new “custom suggestions” in Gmail. The tool intention matching It is used by Google to show you topics related to your searches. This machine learning tool is the one that should help you find a specific email, contact or file more accurately.

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The difference in this behavior is that now Gmail will show you the email addresses and names that match your query. This will happen before any matching last names are displayed. This will be very useful if you are used to searching for contacts by name. Simultaneously, personalized suggestions will work, which will be displayed according to how often you interact with someone. In other words, from now on, when you search for a contact by name or by email, you will be shown the contacts with whom you communicate the most, instead of those with whom you do not.

At this point these may seem like minor tweaks to the functionality that already exists, however, these may represent an increase in productivity. The idea is to make the search faster and easier. Google has been making progress on improvements to all of its apps, including a user-driven redesign of Gmail.

Image: Stephen Phillips on Unsplash

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