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Did you lose your cell phone at home? so you can find it from your computer • ENTER.CO

Surely spending some time at home you forgot where you last put your cell phone and that’s why you came to this note. Do not despair, there is a fairly easy, fast and simple way to find it; all you need to have on hand is a computer with an internet connection and your email.

With the mail open in the browser (of course the mail synchronized with the phone) you go to Google and put in the search engine “Find my device”. In the first result you will see a location tool; the first data you will find will be the device reference and the last time it was synchronized.

On the right side you will see two buttons: “Ring” and “Retrieve”; then, when you make it ring, the cell phone will ring as if it is receiving a call, even if you have it without sound. To be able to turn it off you will have to do it from the cell phone, you will have five minutes to find it, the time it will last ringing. On the other hand, if you enter “recover” Google will send you to a new window where you will see the exact point where your cell phone is, the Wi-Fi network to which it is connected, even how much charge it has.

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In this window you will have access to a menu with three options. In the first you can emit the sound for five minutes, that is, the same “make sound” button. “Protect device” with which you can lock the phone and write a message on the screen with a contact number or something similar. Finally, you can delete everything you have saved on the cell phone, yes, after that, Google will not be able to track it.

If you’ve lost your cell phone away from home and it’s turned off, you’ll be able to see the last saved location, to give you an idea of ​​its whereabouts. Locations are saved as long as you have an internet connection; that is, it will show you the location of where you last connected to a network.

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