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Did you delete a notification from your cell phone that you shouldn’t? so you can find it • ENTER.CO

Sometimes one notification after another arrives on our cell phones and if we don’t have the time to review them at the moment they begin to accumulate until they fill the notification menu. At this point, the most common thing is that we delete all of them at the end of the day and many times we have deleted a notification that we have been waiting for a while. If this is your case, we will show you how to recover a notification that you lost.

The first thing you should know is that unfortunately the option that we are going to show you to see lost notifications will only be able to recover the notifications that you deleted in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, this guide will be exclusively for users with Android devices.

Although it was with Android 4.3 that we saw the first notification log, it was not until Android 11 that a notification history was implemented. It should be noted that although this option is on all Android phones, it is not available on some due to the phone manufacturer. If your phone does not have this history, you can download a third-party application such as ‘notification History Log’.

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So, to access the notification history, all you have to do is go to the phone’s settings, which you will also find as ‘settings’; in this menu you will find the ‘applications and notifications’ section, when entering you will find new options, among them ‘notifications’ enter there. You will see that the first section is ‘Notification history’, just by clicking here you will be able to see the notifications that you have postponed or deleted.

If you want to check which applications have permission to send notifications, you will see that under the history there is a section called ‘recently sent’; there you can see the applications that have sent you notifications in the last 7 days. Next to each application you will have the button to enable or disable them.

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