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Did they send you a QR code? So you can read it

The QR code is a good tool to share information without having contact between whoever creates it and whoever uses it. In fact, thanks to the pandemic, its use increased because they began to implement it in restaurants, stores, parks, and other establishments. And yes, taking a photo and searching for its content is simple, but how to read a QR code sent to us by WhatsApp and the QR codes within web pages?

It is very simple and (in many cases) you will not have to use third-party applications. If you want to read a QR code that was sent to you by WhatsApp, you only have to download the image so that it is saved in the gallery. If you want to see the QR of a web page, you will also have to download it; To do this, you just have to hold down the image and choose ‘Download image’ from the menu and that’s it.

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Now, if you have Android phones, you can use Google Lens, the application is already pre-installed on many phones, if this is not your case, you can go to PlayStore to download it. Once you enter it, the first thing you will see will be the button to capture a QR code with the magnifying glass in the center; On the left side, on the same home page, you will see the image gallery. You will be able to identify it because you will see your last photo in the thumbnail roll; Enter there. Already inside the gallery, look for the QR code you want to read and that’s it, the app will automatically show you the link embedded in the code. In addition, it shows you options such as copy URL, share it or enter the page.

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If for some reason you don’t want to use Google Lens you can install QR Scanner, if you have an Apple phone you can also use this application by downloading it from the App Store. its operation is very similar. When you enter the app you will see the options in the center of the screen: ‘Scan using the camera’ and ‘Scan images’, enter this second option. Select the QR code you want to read, confirm that it is the correct image and that’s it, the application will show you the link anchored to the code. In this application you only have the options to open the website, copy it and view the code again.

Images: Screenshots/ Unsplash

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