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Dibu Martínez made his DT angry for a play that led to a goal against: “I never told him to go up; We can lose, but not like this”

Emiliano Martinez had a performance to forget in his most recent matchas he scored an own goal and angered his manager for making a decision that led to the team receiving another goal in Aston Villa’s 4-2 home defeat against Arsenal.

The play that caused the annoyance of Unai Emery, DT of Los Leones, it happened in the compensation time, when the Drawing He went to the rival area to try to finish off a corner kickleaving the goal unprotected, which caused a drop from Arsenal that ended in the Gunners’ fourth goal with Martínez far from the goal.

In an interview after the match, the coach revealed annoyed that he never gave the order to Dibu to go forward, since he considers it almost impossible to achieve such a score.

I never told my goalkeeper to go up for a goal in the 92nd minute. One in 100 of these plays end in a goal, they are more likely to be scored against you. You have to be smart; we can lose but not like thishe declared.

That play entrenched the defeat of Aston Villa and Emiliano Martínez earned various questions from his fans, who reminded him of his past as an Arsenal player to hint that his departure was on purpose.

So far the Dibu has not offered statements on the subject.

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