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Diana Flores wants to represent Mexico in the first “flag ball” tournament at the Olympic Games

After becoming the female face of the nfl and star in a Super Bowl commercial with tennis legend Billie Jean KingWhat keeps Mexican passer Diana Flores awake at night is representing her country in the first ‘flag ball’ tournament at the Olympic Games.

There are around 20 million people practicing my sport in 100 countries, today he is on his way to being an Olympian in Los Angeles 2028. A bright future awaits the sport, which is inclusive because it gives men and women the same opportunity to function on the field,” the captain of the women’s flag ball team that won the 2022 World Games explained to EFE.

Since her triumph at the World Games last July, the life of the native of Mexico City has taken a 180-degree turn as she put flag ball and her team in the international media.

This, driven by the support of the NFL and the International Federation of American Football, which intend to popularize their sport throughout the world with flag football, has led it to be one of the leaders who hope to put this sport in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.

Flores has established itself as the flag ball ambassador with the “Run With It” commercialwhich stole attention in the past super bowl and that at the moment has more than 4.5 million views on YouTube.

“For me this is incredible. It opens up more opportunities for boys and girls, for future generations, not only to function on the field, but to achieve their dreams because in Mexico and the United States there are academic scholarships for players,” added Flores.

The Marketing and Communication graduate from Tecnológico de Monterrey, one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico, has been playing flag football since she was eight years old.

At 14, he won his first major title in his sport, when he won the NFL regional championship with the North Penn High School team in Pennsylvania (USA).

The level that she showed from her early years, in which she even faced men due to the lack of women’s tournaments, earned her to become the youngest player to play in the flag ball World Cup in 2014, at the age of 16.

Despite his achievements, among which are a third place in a World Cup, he rose to fame until the title in the World Games, which the Mexican National Team beat the United States with four of his touchdown passes, after whichHe was the offensive coordinator for the NFL AFC at the 2023 Pro Bowl Games and, of course, the Super Bowl.

In the commercial launched in the most important football game of the year, a reporter interviews Flores and asks her if there is someone capable of removing the flags she is wearing on the sides of her hip, after which the communicator tries to snatch one from her and She starts a chase against Flores in which NFL players like Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders and King appear, who helps her escape.

With the world of sports watching what he does, Flores intends not only to make flag ball an Olympic sport, but to open doors for more women to excel in the NFL and in all disciplines.

“One of my objectives is to continue opening doors for women, not only in the flag, but in different sports. This empowerment of women is very important today, ”she said.

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