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Developers will now be able to use DALL-E 2 in their applications • ENTER.CO

DALL-E 2, the platform that converts text into images thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), is expanding its horizons (and barriers). As reported in entrepreneurOpenAI, the organization behind DALL-E 2, announced that developers will now be able to integrate the tool’s technology into their applications.

Until now, DALL-E 2 had only been integrated into Designer, a package with design similar to Canva. Users can now create their own images from words there and use them in their visual works. The same will happen in the applications that integrate the new Dall-E 2 API. It should be clarified that the API, just released today, is still in beta version, however, the company maintains that developers can already integrate it into their apps.

To start using the API, developers must register on the API page. OpenAI. After registering you will find all the documents with the necessary instructions to carry out the integration. Of course, this will not be free. The API will cost $0.02 for each 1024 X 1024 pixel image generated and $0.018 for 256 X 256 pixel images. However, to know all the terms and conditions, you must refer to the official page.

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But don’t worry, when you pay for the images they are completely yours. Unlike the web page, the images generated in the applications that integrate the technology will not have any watermark or seal. Finally, the copyright issue can be resolved with this new option provided by the tool.

Although DALLE-2 is a very powerful tool, we cannot ignore the fact that not everyone is satisfied with it. For example, graphic designers complain about this Artificial Intelligence, since they consider that it can steal their work. We will have to wait how far this new technology goes.

Image: DALL-E

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