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The logical thing would be to think that after the pandemic we would not have to continue explaining the advantages of remote work. However, events like Elon Musk’s request for Tesla and Space X executives to return to the offices seem to prove that some people still do not understand their benefits. This is an even more important conversation for professions like development, where the ability to work remotely is one of the most often mentioned benefits.

And here’s a little fact if you have a company that has programmers: 7 out of 10 developers want to continue working remotely.

The conclusion is the result of the third edition of the study ‘The state of remote work in software engineers’ carried out by Terminal (a company focused on the recruitment and contact of IT talent). The measurement was carried out through interviews with more than 1,000 engineers in Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

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The study is interesting because it should come as little surprise that much of the developing talent in the United States today comes from countries like Colombia. However, many of the developers seem unwilling to leave their communities and go to work in North America. The most curious thing about the data obtained is that many of the programmers cite social/quality of life reasons as a reason for preferring to stay remote. For example, 56 said that the political division in the country was a reason not to work in it, with the same number saying that the cost of living is too high. Other reasons mentioned in the study are that the USA is a poorly managed country (46%), racism problems (55%) or even a mishandling of the coronavirus crisis (44%).

As always, productivity is one of the key topics in the conversation about remote work. The perception of how much the tasks benefit depends a lot on the region. For example, 84% of Latin American engineers indicated that working from home makes them more productive, compared to 77% of Canadian respondents. But not only this, but in Latin America developers seem to find many more benefits to being able to work from home. For example, 75% of respondents in Latin America said they enjoy greater autonomy, 74% said it allows them to have a better balance between work and personal life, and 59% have less stress.

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