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Detran SP Intranet: How to Access

Detran SP Intranet it is a simple way of making information available within an institutional network using Internet technologies.

In this way, the Intranet page is used as a means of internal communication, containing information aimed especially at employees, servants and authorized persons through their own identification and password.

Keep reading to find out how to access it.

What this article covers:

Who has the right to access the Detran SP intranet?

As already mentioned, all civil servants, employees and authorized persons included in the institutional database will be accepted for registration on the intranet. Access can be done anywhere, as long as your registration on the Nova Intranet has been carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures of the municipality.

How to register on the Detran SP Intranet

To create your login on the Detran SP intranet is very simple, just follow the step by step:

  • Go to the official website??
  • Click Login or REGISTER
  • Fill in the requested data;
  • Okay, your login has been successfully created!

To test access to the intranet, just use your registered user.

Get to know the DMV SP

These are the powers of the Detran. SP promote traffic education, plan, coordinate, execute and control actions related to driver qualification, documentation and services for vehicles. In addition, the agency produces traffic statistics and manages the assessment and collection of fines.

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