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‘Despierta América’ shows on video and inside the highest apartment in the world

The cameras of the program ‘Wake up America’from Univision, entered an apartment valued at $250 million dollars, which not only draws attention for its price, but also for being considered the tallest penthouse in the world.

“The apartment has 23 rooms, it has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms. Is very large. It has two swimming pools both inside and outside,” said real estate agent Luciane Serifovic, who gave the morning broadcast reporter a tour.

The property, between the floors 129 and 131 of the Central Park Towerin Manhattan, has, as expected, with the best views of the city.

“You have a view that doesn’t exist. You can see the ocean, you can see the entire city”, the same agent narrated about one of the main virtues of that house in the sky.

Although the agent refused to reveal the identity of some of the celebrities who live in the building, what she did advance is that they are neighbors of Denzel Washington by Jennifer Lopez by Bruce Willisamong others.

“There is no other residence in the world like this, where you also have about 18,000 square feet, three floors and all the comforts that the building offers. You are going to have a wonderful life if you buy this penthouse. $250 million is a lot of money, but for a person who spends hundreds of millions on art, jazz, planes, it’s a good investment,” shared Ryan Servant, founder and CEO of Serhant, noting that the penthouse is more than 1,400 feet high.

Those interested in acquiring the highest penthouse in the world must also contemplate a fee of $80,000 dollars for maintenance per month

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