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‘Despierta América’: A talented member of your team designs handbags with egg cartons

Jessica Rodríguez poses with the bag and Paloma de la Nuez, the designer.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

The handbags that can set trends were today’s gift at ‘Despierta América’, why? Why they are designed with egg cartons and whoever did it is a talent from their teamnot the ones in front of the camera, but the ones that do magic behind.

Is about Paloma de la Nuez, the floor designer of ‘Despierta América’, the one who is in each of the details that you see in the decoration, not only of ‘The Happiest House on Hispanic Television’but also of special occasions, or of the guests of the day.

Well, on Wednesday morning, with the complicity of Raúl González, who assured that he had a very expensive gift for Jessi Rodríguez and later joined him Franciscaat the end of the show the original wallets made with egg cartons appeared.

The youngest of the presenters of the Univision morning show received a pink boxknown in the supermarket as the ‘large’ size eggs, while Francisca got the transparent one, the organic one.

If Balenciaga charged thousands of dollars for the design with a garbage bagwe do not doubt that the Paloma handbags that look much more beautiful, original and tops, become a trend and what started as a joke ends up being a piece in the shows in Milan, New York and Miami Fashion Week.



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