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Despicable Me birthday decoration

The birthday is one of the most anticipated dates during the year for both parents and the child, as this is the moment when the little one celebrates with friends and family. The birthday becomes much more magical when it is celebrated with a little party in a place designed to receive guests. It is at this moment that several doubts arise in the minds of parents, regarding what to serve, decoration and place to hold the party. If you are in doubt and have already watched the movie My favorite evil with your son and he liked it, this might be a good suggestion, check it out:

Some people have used scenes from the movie to put wallpaper in some parts of the party room, and it has made the party more like the movie. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

How to set a theme for birthday decor

As we said, it is common for the moment of defining the theme to generate some doubts, this can even be a bit of work, since it is necessary to find several items for the birthday decoration to be complete. The structure of the place is also a point to be evaluated, when buying the decoration items, after all, you won’t want to decorate just one side for the photos, will you? Once the location is defined, the time comes to choose the theme, some children are too young to give an opinion, but others already know exactly what they want, so it is important to show them photos and objects that will be present on the birthday in the form of decoration.

If Despicable Me birthday decor is the family’s choice, choose movie colors that match the table, candy, cake, and decorations. (Photo: Disclosure)

Sweets, snacks, cakes, candies, lollipops, ornaments, everything can be done with the colors and appearance of the characters in the movie. (Photo: Disclosure)

Some people choose to buy dolls to help with the decoration, others buy miniatures, the Minios (yellow employees of Gru’s adoptive father of the girls in the plot) are the preference for both the miniatures and the cake and cupcakes. Ice cream cakes are great for themed birthday party decorations. In addition, cupcakes have also become a rage, those who do not want a traditional cake can use them in a tower in the center of the table, the idea is great and the children love it. Invitations must also be personalized. Get inspired by our ideas for Despicable Me themed birthday decorations be a success!

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