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Designer furniture trends 2017

You Planned Furniture are gaining space in houses and apartments. Although they are more expensive than conventional furniture, they make better use of the space and make the layout of the room much more beautiful.

Planned furniture trends 2017 (Illustrative Photo)

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Designer furniture trends 2017

Using planned furniture is a way to make the decoration more beautiful, modern and functional. This type of furniture is the perfect solution for any room in the house, as it adapts to the size of the place, values ​​the lifestyle of the residents and also incorporates the main trends in the field of interior design.

With each passing year, custom furniture seeks ways to reinvent itself. They bet on new colors, formats, materials and technologies. So many novelties serve to make the look of the residence more beautiful and modern. See below some bespoke furniture trends and get inspired:

flashy colors

Residents who want to get away from the neutral tones can bet on furniture planned with striking colors, which invoke a retro aesthetic. These pieces combine with different environments in the house, as is the case with the yellow custom cabinet that decorates the kitchen.

black is up

If you are looking for planned furniture for the kitchen or any other room, then bet on projects that value the color black. The black furniture is elegant, modern and full of character.

minimalist furniture

Minimalist furniture.  (Photo: Reproduction/ 8dicas)

Minimalist furniture. (Photo: Reproduction/ 8dicas)

Minimalism has taken over the decoration in 2016, including with regard to custom furniture. This style believes that “less is more”, so it fights any kind of excess. Minimalist furniture usually has straight and simple lines, in addition to neutral and light tones.

furniture without handles

Influenced by minimalist design, many custom furniture companies are creating new handleless pieces. In this way, the opening and closing system uses hidden cavities and a pressure system.

Kitchen with planned furniture.  (Photo: Reproduction/d-sense)

Kitchen with planned furniture. (Photo: Reproduction/D-sense)

mirrored sliding doors

Are you in search of custom furniture for the bedroom🇧🇷 Then bet on a closet with mirrored sliding doors. This piece values ​​clean design and creates a sense of spaciousness in a small bedroom.

New technologies

In addition to adding charm and beauty to the decor, custom furniture also guarantees functionality, thanks to new technologies. Among the smart solutions found by the companies, it is worth highlighting the drawers with soft closing system and LED lighting.

Illuminated furniture.  (Photo: Reproduction/Home-designing)

Illuminated furniture. (Photo: Reproduction/Home-designing)

Furniture designed for residents

THE decor with custom furniture takes into account ergonomics, that is, human movements. Everything is designed thinking about creating facilities and increasing the comfort of the residents.

The 2017 planned furniture trends are already being incorporated by the main companies in this segment. Contact them and request quotes.

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