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Depositing to Nubank account

Nubank offers a payment account without fees, completely digital and accessed by smartphone through an app available for Android and iOS. Despite not needing to go to physical branches, as in a conventional bank, the account has the features that customers are used to and that facilitate the movement of their money on a daily basis: payments, withdrawals, Pix, TED/DOC transfers, in addition to other features.

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To take advantage of your Nuconta resources, you need to make a deposit, which can be done by bank slip, Pix and TED/DOC??

What this article covers:

deposit by bill

The deposit made by bank slip can take up to 3 business days to be identified by the Nubank system. So, when choosing the boleto option, consider that your money can appear in the account the next day or 72 hours later. Despite this, if the deposit is made on Friday, for example, it may fall on Saturday. Learn step by step how to put money in your account by choosing the boleto option:

  1. When you open the Nubank application on your cell phone, you will see a menu located at the bottom of the screen. Dragging it to the side, tap ‘Deposit’;
  2. The deposit options will be on the next page, choose the alternative ‘Boleto’;
  3. After choosing the amount you want to deposit, tap the arrow that appears in the lower right corner;
  4. Now just copy the barcode or, if you prefer, send the slip by email. Make the payment the way you want.

Is depositing by boleto the best option?

Putting the money in the account through a bank slip is not the best alternative if you want the money to fall in a short time. Remember that payment by boleto is not identified on holidays, which may delay your receipt even further.

Nubank has a policy of blocking accounts that have any type of atypical movement, so be careful when receiving deposits by slip from third parties regularly in your account. In order not to go through this situation, consider that TED deposits are identified on the same day if made by 5 pm and have no minimum value. On the other hand, the deposit by Pix in your Nuconta falls at the same time, regardless of day and time.

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