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demolition wood for flooring

THE demolition wood for flooring it has been increasingly used in construction, especially by those people who want to have a beautiful, rustic, cozy and comfortable environment in their home or office.

Demolition wood for flooring (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to all these advantages, the demolition wood floor it is also ecologically correct, as it is usually removed from the remains of old constructions, consisting of material that would end up in the trash, but which ends up being reused.

Very useful for both internal and external areas, this type of rustic floor it can also be used in wet environments, such as bathrooms and areas close to swimming pools, giving even more elegance to such spaces.

Decorating with demolition wood: how to do it

Ideas for using scrap wood

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demolition wood for flooring

Demolition wood has been increasingly used (Photo: Disclosure)

THE demolition wood creates environments full of style. Available in several finishing options, such as light or dark, more or less rustic and ebony, for example, it transforms any environment, completely changing the appearance of a home.

In addition to the visual aspect, bearing in mind that medium tones are the most recommended, as they reflect light and make imperfections apparent, there are several other advantages of demolition woodsuch as thermal and acoustic solutions.

It brings several advantages, such as acoustic and thermal insulation.

During the winter, it is able to make the environment warmer, while in the summer, it makes the house cooler and more pleasant. And it is also able to reduce the echo throughout the property, in addition to better isolating the sound from one environment to another, ensuring less noise.

Another reason why it is widely used is the ease of maintenance. To clean it, a damp cloth is enough, while the shine can be maintained by using a sealing product twice a year. The high resistance and durability of demolition wood are other positive points of this type of flooring.

Tips for choosing

Even in humid environments, such as the bathroom, it can be used.

When buying the wood floor, you need to pay attention to some details, such as whether there are holes and other problems caused by termites, marks from screws and nails, and areas stained with paint. The texture and shape must also be observed.

Give preference to rustic hardwoodssuch as peroba-rosa, one of the favorites for those who adopt the floor. Ipê, jatobá, rosewood and angelim stone are other good alternatives, remembering to always check the origin of the wood.

With respect to demolition wood priceprices vary from R$ 200 to R$ 250 per square meter of peroba-rosa.


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