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Demolition wood floors: how to choose

THE demolition wood it is a sustainable, charming material capable of reinforcing the feeling of comfort inside the house. However, to use the product optimally, it is important to take a series of care when choosing and take into account all the characteristics of the project.

The demolition floor leaves the house with a rustic look. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

The demolition wood at home

Unlike the new and modern materials that are available in the construction market, demolition wood has traces printed on its surface, such as scratches, paint remains, color variation and deep veins.

Those who decide to cover the house with demolition wood are looking for a rustic finish, capable of rescuing the roots of the countryside and making the environments more welcoming.

Demolition wood is usually taken from old mansions, which is why noble materials end up taking on dark tones. Extraction also takes place on train tracks and power poles.

Tips for choosing reclaimed hardwood floors

Demolition wood must be treated. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out the following tips for right choice of demolition wood floors🇧🇷

• At the time to choose demolition wood flooring, it is important to observe the texture, shape and possible breakdown of the material. This assessment makes it possible to identify different problems, such as holes from termites.

• When it comes to demolition wood, the peroba-rosa it is the most commercialized and the ‘darling’ among architects. It is favorable because of its unique structure and linear veins. The great change in color intensity and shape makes each piece of wood a true work of art.

• If the house has children or pets, floors with deep grooves are not recommended.

Peroba-rosa is one of the most used woods. (Photo: Disclosure)

• In addition to peroba rosa, jatobá, ipê, jacarandá, peroba and angelim stone woods are also recommended.

• Before completing the purchase, the consumer must be sure that the demolition wood received a proper treatment🇧🇷 Otherwise, the material will be vulnerable to pests.

• A original demolition wood it has nail holes, gouges and other imperfections.

• There is the possibility of buying closed lots of demolition wood, but the loss with this investment can reach 30%.

• The consumer must hire a trusted joiner, after all, installation of demolition wood flooring it requires skill.

• Demolition wood is a tough material, but still requires treatment. A product indicated for finishing and maintenance is water-based resin.

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