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DeLorean EV revealed – and it’s a 4-seater

Surprise! The totally electric reimagining of the co-star of Four Wheels Back to the Future resurrects an old plan of CMD.

DeLorean Motor Company has officially unveiled its next DeLorean EVa new version of the classic stainless steel sports car from the 80s, made famous by the film trilogy of Return to the future and that was presented for the first time in February. The new CMDtotally electric, recovers the saloon concept «jellyfish” that DeLorean Motor Company original had begun to develop before the automaker went bankrupt in 1982.

Although the Medusa, known officially as DMC-24was to have four independent gullwing doors, the DeLorean EV It will feature two large, electronically actuated gull-wing doors that each expose the first and second rows of seats. This is all we know about the car so far.

«Basic performance model” of Alpha5

The DeLorean EV It has a battery pack of 100 kWh which should provide more than 500km of autonomy and power a configuration of double motor and traction to the four wheels. will speed up from 0 a 100km/h in 2.99 seconds and of 0 a 100km/h (you know why!) in 4.35 seconds. The maximum expected speed is 250km/h. The price is expected to be about $175,000 and that production begins in the new facilities of CMD in Saint Anthony, Texas, in the next two years. These specifications refer to the «basic performance model” of Alpha5which seems to be the model name of this new DeLorean.

This new incarnation of CMD (which only shares the name with the original John DeLorean company) has worked with italdesignof Giorgetto Giugiaroin the appearance of the new EV. italdesign also designed the DeLorean original, a wedge-shaped car with stainless-steel body panels and effortless-lifting gull-wing doors built to make it easy for tall drivers to get in and out (like John DeLorean himself, who was 1.90 m). Although its unique paintless stainless steel exterior ensured its bodywork would never rust, its underwhelming engine V6 of 2.85 liters Y 130 hp he also claimed that he would never have the necessary benefits to match his appearance. A biturbo version of 250 hp from his V6 PRV, with a couple of examples installed on DeLoreans of production (like VIN 502), but the company did not survive long enough to officially put the improved engine into production. Approximately 9 were made..000 DeLoreans Come in 1981 Y 1983. It is believed that approximately 6,000 of them survive today, and both original and remanufactured parts remain in ample supply of DMC-Classic. Trust me: I had a model of 1982 Come in 1999 and 2012.

The DeLorean EV was released today to those who have signed up for early access on the official website. The full public presentation will take place tomorrow (may 31) at 9 p.m.. PT (that is, at 12 a.m. EDT on June 1), followed by a formal introduction to the world-famous car show of Pebble Beach the 18 of August. IGN It will be there.

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