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Delivery delivery scams: learn how to protect yourself

Delivery scams have grown rapidly in recent months and people unfortunately need to take certain protective measures against this type of problem that does not seem to have an end.

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Delivery Service: what should make it easier can turn into a headache

Delivery services deliver all types of purchases whether made via the internet, cell phone calls or apps, directly to the home of the customer who requested this type of service.

In fact, to complete this specialized service, the establishment must have a delivery service and have the registered address of the same customer who requested the service.

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One of the main scams that has occurred during deliveries is motivated by the card machine with a broken screen on purpose. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been around 125 complaints, and these scams amount to BRL 600,000.

Couriers apply the scams by showing the right amount on the cell phone to confuse the customer, but at the vending machine, as it is not possible to see the value on the display, they pay without being aware of it being a scam.

What is the recent data on delivery delivery scams?

According to data presented by Procon of the state of São Paulo, there are about 186% of scams registered, which accumulated between January and May 2021.

Something that should be really safe has become a huge headache, since out of 3,282 complaints made on the site consumer.gov.br793 mentioned the feared undue charges of extra fees, non-existent security and risks of suffering damage.

How to protect yourself from a possible delivery scam?

If you fall for scams in delivery deliveries, call your bank immediately to block your card, as well as request the dispute of this order.

Idec itself mentions that it is important to contact the application through which you placed the order, to ask for clarification from the delivery person and to find out what happened. Applications need to take greater responsibility for dealing with this particular issue.

Remember that registering the incident report is another reasonable measure that must be taken, to forward it to the application and ask for the return of the lost money.

Always being careful is one of the ways to avoid scams, and try to question the delivery person about extra fees and avoid paying, in addition to notifying the application itself to take the necessary measures.

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