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Deep cleaning in the Mexican National Team: David Faitelson proposes separating “the untouchables” from El Tri

Guardado and Herrera are one of the main ones pointed out.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Getty Images

Diego Cocca will be the new leader of Mexico for the 2026 World Cup, a tournament in which the Aztec country will be one of the organizers along with the United States and Canada. The Argentine strategist has only been in office for a few days and They are already demanding structural changes within the El Tri squad, one of them was David Faitelson.

The controversial ESPN journalist believes that Diego Cocca will have to do without several historical soccer players of the Mexican National Team. Faitelson supports the generational change of El Tri.

The ‘sacred cows’ have to be put aside, enough of the tributes and records. Thank you Guillermo Ochoa, thank you Héctor Moreno, Héctor Herrera, thank you Andrés Guardado and even Raúl Jiménez“, sentenced Faitelson through Instagram.

In this sense, David Faitelson considers that It is time to bet on youth and put aside the great references of El Tri, but who are already of advanced age and their careers are in the doldrums. footballers like Santiago Giménez, Luis Chávez, Alexis Vega, Gerardo Arteaga, Johan Vásquez, Marcelo Flores and many others could command the restructuring of the Aztec team.

It is time for youth, that those few who are in Europe and the many in Mexican soccer, take advantage of them more than what Gerardo Martino did“, he concluded.

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