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You decorative stickers are responsible for adding a touch of charm to home or office decor. Made with vinyl, they can illustrate walls, furniture, glass, among many other surfaces. In this article, you will learn about the thousand and one uses of adhesives, the main models, where to buy them and application techniques.

Decorative stickers. (Photo: Disclosure)

When you think about renovating environments, you soon imagine painting, dirt and major inconvenience. To change the look of the environment, be it our home or office, it usually took a lot of time and required good capital. However, with the modernity of life, there were also advances in the area of ​​decoration, as is the case with the creation of decorative stickers.

Decorative stickers already exist on the market to personalize or innovate any environment. They complement home and office paintings and provide a more modern and cozy look. This decoration alternative has been very successful in the decoration area, improving the appearance of bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms. Consisting of illustrations, the decorative stickers cover different themes, working colors and designs with style and modernity.

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What this article covers:

decorative stickers

The models are as varied as possible, you can use and abuse your imagination. There are many options for the children’s room, from children’s characters to flowers and animals. There are also options for other environments in the home or office, where you can innovate the atmosphere of the place and enjoy a variety of effects, according to your personality and good taste. There is still an option for simple stickers, for example: small flowers, butterflies, moons and stars, and many options in varieties.

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In addition to being a modern and creative option, the stickers are affordable and easy to place, not requiring large financial undertakings or specialized labor.

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Where to buy decorative stickers?

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See below the virtual stores that sell decorative stickers🇧🇷


The store Grudados.com.br specializes in selling decorative wall stickers. It offers several models to decorate the house, which are separated into categories, such as nature, children’s, phrases, kitchen, urban, arabesques, music, sports and cultural. There is also the possibility of creating a personalized sticker, sending a photo or creating a phrase.


Another store that has been successful with its variety of stickers is decolar.com.br🇧🇷 On the site, you can find the best models to decorate the walls of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even work environments. Also try to know the customized projects.

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the virtual store My Sticker not only works with wall stickers, it also has an extensive variety of models to decorate refrigerators, bathroom showers, tiles and doors. Shipping is free throughout Brazil and consumers can pay in up to 12 installments without interest on their credit card.

How to apply the stickers?

Decorative sticker templates

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Enjoy the tips from decorative stickers and transform every room in the house.

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