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Decorative stickers for your home and office

You decorative stickers for home and office are perfect elements to innovate the look of an environment, without having to mess with a new painting or spend a lot of money on modifications. The resident just needs to be careful to choose a good product, that is, made with quality material and that recognizes the style of each room.

Decorative stickers for your home and office. (Photo: Disclosure)

How to decorate the house without having to paint each room a different color? The answer is simple: use decorative stickers. There are many ways to work with this product and the application can be carried out in a simple and practical way, without the need to hire a specialized professional. In addition to being practical, the stickers are also a cheap decoration option, costing from R$35.00 to R$400.00.

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Decorative stickers for your home and office

Decorative stickers are available for sale in different models, which differ in terms of size, color and shape. They are usually made with adhesive vinyl, a very resistant material that can be attached to different surfaces, such as smooth walls, floors, formica, wood, glass, among others.

Decorative sticker template for living room. (Photo: Disclosure)

We selected some ideas from decorative stickers for your home and office🇧🇷 Check out:

home stickers

Living room: this reception environment deserves a beautiful and visually pleasing sticker. Models that value cultural elements are perfect for this environment, as they abuse sophistication and formal richness. Designs that invoke nature and welcoming phrases are also interesting choices.

Dining room: the walls of this room can be adhesived with arabesques, which are very relaxed and versatile designs. Suddenly a receptive phrase also works well in this space.

Kitchen: the space intended for food preparation needs to be decorated with thematic stickers, that is, capable of enhancing food designs and household items. Stickers that imitate tiles are also highlighted in this area of ​​the house.

Fun bathroom sticker. (Photo: Disclosure)

WC: the bathroom walls and furniture can also gain a special decoration through the stickers. Try working with relaxation or nature illustrations.

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Bedroom: the bedroom is an environment of tranquility and rest, so it should be decorated with stickers that value calm and relaxation. Birds, trees and butterflies are great options. It is also interesting to work with stickers that value some preference of the resident, which may be related to music, cinema or sports.

office stickers

Blackboard sticker for notes. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are many options for office stickers, but to define the ideal model, you need to consider the field of activity. A law firm, for example, asks for more serious and sober figures. The advertising office accepts creative and relaxed designs. An interesting suggestion for decorating office walls is the whiteboard sticker, which allows you to take notes.

More decorative sticker ideas

Get inspired by the image gallery below:

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Enjoy the ideas of decorative stickers for your home and office🇧🇷 Surely your environments will be more charming and receptive.

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