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decorative stickers for walls

When it comes to changing the look of a house, the owner often starts by making changes to the wall, which already contributes a lot to give it a new general appearance. To use decorative stickers for walls It is an excellent option in this sense.

Decorative stickers allow you to give a new face to home decor (Photo: Disclosure)

An interesting alternative to wallpapersyou decorative stickers basically fulfill the same function as the first ones, giving an even more personalized face to the decoration of the house.

The advantage of decorative wall stickers is in the easier application and also in the ease of maintenance, simplifying the lives of the residents, who can carry out the cleaning very conveniently and quickly.

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What this article covers:

decorative stickers for walls

They can be used in any room

Consisting of an economical and quick way to change the House decorationyou decorative stickers for walls they are good for renovating the look of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms, as there are special versions for wet areas.

There are stickers with various types of themes, such as children’s stickers, for example, inspired by cartoon characters, superheroes, various types of figures, fairies, princesses and pets, in addition to those in the shape of plants and flowers, complementing certain types of decorations.

There are several themes for decorative stickers, including religious ones (Photo: Disclosure)

Other successful styles are music-themed stickers, including notes, band symbols, instruments and items from the music universe (in the form of headphones, records and K7 tapes); religious stickers (Christ, crucifix, etc); and the stickers with phraseswidely used in living rooms and bedrooms.

There is also no lack of options for decorative stickers with themes related to cars and motorcycles (sports models), sports (soccer teams, skateboarding, surfing and other sports), mandalas, nature, optical illusion and the stickers for switcheswhich give a different charm to the item, in addition to several other categories.

Where to find

The musical theme is another one that is successful (Photo: Disclosure)

You stickers to decorate walls can be found mainly in specialized stores in the inner decorationwhere there is a wide variety of different styles, colors and shapes to choose from.

In addition to these stores, the product is also easily found on the internet. Sites like Gecko Stickers🇧🇷 Format 8🇧🇷 walmart🇧🇷 glued🇧🇷 Kollant Adhesives🇧🇷 Techno Signs🇧🇷 cazulo🇧🇷 Miss Cherry and Elite are some of those who sell decorative stickers.

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