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Decorative stickers for the kitchen: where to buy, tips

THE kitchen It is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where people store food, prepare meals and perform many other household chores. To enhance its functionality even more, the kitchen deserves a special decoration.

Decorative stickers transform the look of the kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

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THE kitchen decoration It consists of furniture, appliances and utensils. However, in addition to these elements, residents also need to think about the type of finish that will be worked on in the vertical space.

In conventional kitchens, it is common to find walls decorated with glass inserts, tiles or hydraulic tiles. However, in recent years, other products are being valued in the decoration scenario, as is the case of decorative stickers🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Decorative stickers for the kitchen

Decorative stickers are practical, modern and able to renew the environment without dirt. They represent a great option for those who want to renovate the vertical cladding without the unpleasant ‘breakage’ of the renovation.

It is possible to find in the market a multitude of kitchen stickers, but before making the purchase, it is essential to verify that the material has resistance and durability. External factors such as grease, moisture and dirt can shorten the life of parts.

Stickers make the kitchen decoration more colorful and cheerful. (Photo: Disclosure)

The choice of decorative sticker ideal for the kitchen takes into account various aspects such as color, model, size and surface. This decorative item is also perfect for disguising small imperfections on the walls and creating a personalized style in the environment.

Usually decorative stickers are used to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen🇧🇷 They can transform the look of cabinets, the wall, the countertop, the refrigerator and even the door. The use of stickers also allows you to make different details in the environment, such as a bulletin board or the simulation of objects.

Where to buy decorative kitchen stickers?

Decorative stickers for refrigerators. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out the following suggestions for where to buy decorative kitchen stickers🇧🇷

Glued: the site, specialized in sale of decorative stickers, presents a specific category for “Kitchen and Pantry”. Among the ornaments that stand out, it is worth mentioning those that serve to decorate the refrigerator and the walls. Tile stickers represent the great novelty of the virtual store. Grudado also works with the manufacture of personalized pieces.

my sticker🇧🇷 the online store offers sticker templates exclusive to decorate the kitchen. Prices vary according to the product, but do not exceed R$60.00.

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